I’m a publisher?!?!?

So I pretty much love my internship! For the past three weeks of my internship I have been given only one task………………………..write up a plan to get a magazine up and running……..say what?!?

Now at first I was completely baffled, magazine publishing, me? I’ve never even taken a journalism, or finance class or anything related to magazines! How the heck do I even begin to write-up a plan to publish one!!! Luckily my internship supervisor at ICS (one of the most interesting men in the world, he’s done pretty much everything!) had written up a makeshift plan for some reason or other and sent it to me as a guideline.

At least I know have a starting point I thought, easy as pie!   WRONG! Do you know that you must have everything written down? Every cent you want to use to start-up the magazine must have a reason for its use. You need to have the people you plan to beg ,ops I mean ask, money for, the things you want to do a year after you start publishing. Where you hope see yourself, financially speaking, in three years. EVERYTHING!

So I had to do all that research, mostly what I’ve been doing on my own for my internship, I’ve also been working on a project with two other interns (I’ll talk about that in the next post!) so I’ve been kept busy! Anyways I finally sent in a rough draft of the plan in today!!! So my advisor is going to look over it and then we will discuss it next week (very nervous about it!)

So maybe not exciting to you but I actually enjoyed it. It was really interesting learning how to manage all the money and then guess if i set the price to $3 an issue and the market I want to attract is X million people my revenue should be (hopefully) $X million dollars and thus my profit is blah blah blah. Very interesting stuff! I recommend everyone to make a plan to start a magazine because you learn some pretty cool things!

Hasta luego amigos!