Lists, and more lists

Hello again! Time for that weekly does of Citysearch internship info. The past week has been busy as Citysearch morphes into a new platform– more information on that coming soon. In the meantime, I started working on two new lists for the site. One of the lists is similar to the two lists I have done before because it is a holiday-related list. Let’s take the example of my Halloween list to explain how creating a list works in the Citysearch world. After I am assigned a topic I have to start doing research. For the Halloween list, that meant thinking of events that would be going on around the day of Halloween and thinking of places where people could purchase costumes. I do a lot of googling, and sometimes end up calling around places to request specific information. Once I have the information I want (for this list, 10 specific things) I break them into categories if appropriate. For the Halloween list, I subdivided the information into four sections. I write the summaries and general overview, and pass it on to my boss for editing. After a few rounds of editing, it ends up on the site!

On a day to day basis, this consumes most of my work day. I start the day doing a daily blog report on major D.C. area blogs, and work for the rest of the day on outstanding lists and reviews. For your viewing pleasure, some Tweet Up pics are below– they weren’t ready when I posted last week.

Happy tweeting!