Feeling the Crunch

I started my internship in May, and worked at the PHA office four days a week over the summer. When I started I thought four days was way too much and that I would not have enough work. I was wrong, happily. My supervisor, Katie, always has projects for me to work on, and I’m lucky enough that Katie listens to my ideas and lets me initiate my own projects.

My favorite projects are creating marketing materials for the various programs hosted by the Advocacy and Awareness Department. I love updating, creating and designing flyers and invitations for events.

However, since the fall school semester has started, I’m only coming to the office two times a week. Since I’ve been at PHA for almost 5 months now, I have many ongoing tasks. And let me tell you, I’m feeling the crunch. It seems like I’m constantly playing catch-up and I can never remember where I left off when I return to the office. It’s crazy, but it really feels like weeks have gone by every time I return to the office.

At the same time, I deeply value my extended internship. I feel less like an intern doing the projects no one wants to do and more like a part-time staff member who has her own independent projects. I love it.