Fifth Week – Tan Week: I Wish I Had More To Talk About

So I guess I’ll ask you guys, what do you guys want me to talk about? I really can’t say more about my work. What I stated before is the extent of what I do, but soon I’ll be traveling around Germany for claims and such. The guy who is in charge of that is very nice, he’s the same guy who recommended that cold remedy.

But honestly, this week has been really just, living life. Going to work and coming home. I’ve been trying to find things to do, for instance:

This is very close to my house. It’s Frankfurt’s Hauptfriedhof which is essentially, a very large cemetery. Now many of you are probably thinking that a cemetery isn’t a great place to actually seek out and visit, however this place is honestly too pretty to be a place of death. It’s honestly the most beautiful cemetery I have ever seen, actually one of the most beautiful places. I have ever seen.

It’s really nice to find somewhere to reflect, and I was able to do this here. I’ve been living here for a month, but it hardly feels like it. I don’t know if I’ll be ready to go back home in November, there is still so much I want to see and do here. What I was able to reflect, is that I really do want to live here one day, probably when I’m much older. It’s really nice if you get an internship located in your favorite place in the entire world. And for me it’s Germany, and being here is… I can’t even explain to you how happy I am.

I’m learning so much, about me, about German/European Culture, about the languages here, about the State Department and the lives of diplomats. Everyday is a new lesson for me and I love exploring the city everyday.

I found myself in the middle of Romer during The Day of German Unity (Tag der Deutschen Einheit) this past Sunday and I thought that was so cool, so cool in fact that I actually bought my German Flag there. It’s huge, and it’s hanging on my wall right now.

Not that many links this time, but next week my roommate comes and I’ll probably have more to update about.