The Human Touch

I realize that the whole concept of blogging is to aid students in the introspective process so that they begin to analyze and understand the parts of their job that they like and those that they do not. However, I think I think about thinking prior to even blogging! Every day on the metro ride home I always think about how my day went, and if it was an interesting, not so interesting, or boring day. I have not had any boring days yet! But, I have had some not-so-interesting ones. But then they are toppled by those that are interesting so I think it balances out… I know, my philosophy is confusing šŸ™‚

Any ways, I want this entry to have a cohesive point so that you are not reading and it and beginning to think that I have nothing concrete to say about my job. I am a very critical person, though, and so it makes it difficult for me to see the areas of my internship that I enjoy at first. Usually I do not feel as though my work has really made an impact unless I gain some type of human touch from it. Sounds like something weird? Well, if you are intrigued read on:

The human touch is when another human outside of your office recognizes the work that you are doing! For instance, the human touch for me today was realizing that a publication actually reached an organization and their donor signed up for an upcoming meeting! This is a subtle human touch, but it still made me feel as though I did something that affected the life of another. Another way in which the human touch has permeated my work is when I receive phone calls from people who have questions that I have the answers to. I do not need to rely on another or find out from another employee how to help this person– I know what they are looking for and how to help them because it pertains to my position or I was the person they needed to talk to.


It’s these simple tasks that I enjoy most about my internship, when I am able to truly help another. I know that doing donor research is helpful to the overall organization, among other research activities, and even though my employee’s ask me kindly and are very grateful for my help, it is not the same as receiving recognition from outside our office building. So, I can strongly say that yes, I like my internship and it is teaching me great life skills and providing me with important lessons, but no, I do not want to work in such an atmosphere for me entire life. I want to experience the human touch every day, and not just once in awhile because that is not sufficient for me. I am compassionate about helping others, even on a small scale and whenever possible, so any suggestions on where to go from here are greatly appreciated!