First Day

Stoked for my first day of work at the State Department, I went a little overboard getting ready.  It felt like the first day of kindergarten or something–I even laid out what I was going to wear the night before.  Maybe it was more like Christmas; I had a hard time getting to sleep I was in such a state of excitement and nervousness.  Then I woke up the next morning at 8:18.  I was supposed to be there at 8:30.

Later I found out that my had blown a fuse and the brief power outage had reset my alarm.  Angry at the blinking “12:00” on the face of my alarm, I frantically began getting ready and hopped on a bus down to Federal Triangle.  I got to the C Street entrance to hear the guards talking amongst themselves about late interns missing “vital training” and having to wait until the next cycle to start their internship.  Thankfully that was all just prattle, and they let me into the orientation session nearly an hour late.  All I had missed were the opening remarks really.  I then sat for 6 hours in security training briefings with a short break for lunch.  Lunch was not provided.  No one even escorted us interns through the labyrinth that is the State Department to the cafeteria. 

After lunch, I got photographed for my badge–all federal government workers have badges that they use to get in and out of the buildings.  All in all, the orientation was helpful and worthwhile, but there could have been better handling of us interns as well as a bit more shock and awe to show off how cool the State Department is and what a great place it is to work at.  I guess since we had already signed up for the next ten weeks they felt like it was better to let us discover all that on our own.