Time Management is the Key – to EVERYTHING!

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the delay in posts. I have been insanely busy between interning, school and all those crazy clubs I’m in on campus. Today is “Fall Break” so I’m using some of my time to catch up on everything else!

Life with the Wizards/Mystics is pretty good. I absolutely love being in the Verizon Center for work. I’ve always been here for games but never the behind the scenes stuff. And let me tell you, it is one BIG place. So many doors and elevators that it makes my head spin. But I’m learning my way around all four floors and concourses.

For the past few weeks, myself and the other marketing interns did a lot of grassroots marketing. Meaning we walked around Chinatown, Metro Center, Penn Quarter and so on passing out posters and pocket schedules for display at restaurants. It was really neat finding all the different places on the list. I found some amazing restaurants – one I’m hoping to try out for lunch later! But to see the excitement on some of the store owner’s faces about the new schedules was pretty great. Face to face marketing isn’t dead people! Showing the initiative to walk around town with supplies and talk to owners one on one in their store is a much more compelling marketing technique than an email or phone call.

But one thing that I think is coming back to haunt everyone this semester is the art of time management. I’m not going to lie that I didn’t overload myself this semester. But that is not an excuse for not getting things done. That means getting off of Facebook (I know it’s hard!) and saying no to social outings in order to get work done ahead of time so you aren’t pulling all-nighters four to five times a week.

I’ve had so much go on this semester but I’ve managed to turn everything in on time and be prepared for class as well as get the work done at my internship in the manner that they want it. If they tell you they need something right away, put that first. Then find time to do the other tasks as they rank in timeliness because I know that the projects they give you more time on to reflect the time spent. If you’d don’t know how to do something, keep working at it to make it to the best of your abilities. But don’t stress out over it.

Balancing your time between social activities, responsibilities and homework is the only way to succeed both in college and after college (minus the homework!). So slow down everyone, look at what you need to get done, the time you have to do it and set a game plan. Waiting to the last-minute is the worst and it shows.

Okay now I need to take my advice and get back to this graphic design project! It’s a lot harder than I thought! Oh well….