The Future is Now

Discovery has some amazing creative geniuses.

I must say that coming up with truly innovative, and cost-effective attention grabbers is a daunting task for marketers.  If there were unlimited funds it would be easy to grab a viewer or prospective consumer…you could just entice them with cash or prizes.  However, I think the real genius comes to light when funds are limited and yet something grabs a hold of the prospect.   A great example of this can be found at

While you may never know it right off the bat, this site is actually about Planet Green‘s Dean of Invention.  It is a cleverly designed website with a unique way to engage consumers.  The mock site showcases some of the cool and futuristic items that are discussed during the episodes and actually assigns a fictitious price tag to it.  By clicking on any one of the inventions the user will be redirected to the Planet Green site where they can learn more about the show.

The wonderful lesson learned here is that this online investment is a great way to engage consumers and talk about a program without actually talking about it.