Sixth Week – Teal Week: Helping Others Helps Yourself!

So this week was all about the new intern who was coming in. I had to deal with people coming into my apartment unannounced, appoints to make reparations in my apartment before she came, and other unsightly things that made my week a little hectic.

I want to explain my housing project in more detail, but I really can’t. But what I can say is that the people who do reparations/cleaning around here have access to my apartment, and I found out the hard way that they can come in at any time unannounced. This is freaky when you’re a woman living alone. I talked to some of the staff about it and they set it up so that these people will tell me when they come, but ugh. That was something I hope I never have to go through again.

All in all though, by the time my new roommate came everything was essentially set up. But they didn’t give the poor girl towels or sheets or anything- and this is where I learned another valuable lesson that Avenue Q helped me understand. Helping others helps yourself!

We went to go look for some affordable sheets, and I have heard about this awesome store in Europe called Aldi but I didn’t know if there was one near my house. And during our search we actually found one in walkable distance! So basically this worked out great for both of us and sometimes we share our stuff which is awesome.

In such a competitive world, I initially started to think that having other interns around me would be kind of intimidating since I was under this idea that we would be fighting with each other for the better name. However I am realizing that this is definitely not the case, not out here at least. We’ve all been helping each other in other ways, for instance I was on my way home in a hurry when one of the interns literally stops me in the street outside of his apartment asking for me to help him figure out the washing machine in his house. It was actually quite funny and we ended up finding out how it worked and how much detergent he needed. He however helped me out one night because I want to know where some clubs are, and apparently he knows.

So honestly, this week was enlightening to say the least. Not everyone is cut throat and crazy when it comes to making impressions. There is no ‘Alpha Intern’ here. I think it’s all because we’re living overseas and trying to make ends meet where 1 Euro = 1.40 Dollars. This enraged me to no end.

However when you’re feeling under the pressure, remove yourself from the problem and relax. What do I do? Write. A lot. 20,000 words to be exact and I’m just about half way done with my newest chapter. This isn’t even school work, I just like writing.