Sign, Sealed, Delivered

A large part of my job at PHA is making sure large mailings advertising for events get out on time. Luckily, my job is not limited to simply stuffing and sealing envelopes. I have the opportunity to update and create advertising materials, which allows me to be creative. I love giving flyers, invitations and guidebooks fresh new looks.

Also, now that I’ve taken several mailing projects from the design phase through the packaging and mailing stage, I have a better understanding of how much work goes into mailings. I print the advertising materials, and I also include a cover letter explaining why PHA is mailing out literature on our programs. I then have to collate the documents, tri-fold them, stuff them into envelopes, print address labels for all the envelopes, stick them on the envelopes, carry about 300 envelopes across the office to postage machine, which thankfully licks the envelopes as it stamps them. Then I just have to put the envelopes in the mail.

Mailings are a very time-consuming process, but they are very important. A mailing might help us connected with PHA members who do not have computers or internet access, which is still a reality for many individuals across America.