The Holocaust and Human Rights

Hi readers! Last Friday I was back in the classroom at Cardozo, ready and excited for another class. When I entered the classroom a few female students and I chatted over my clothes and fashion, and I was happy to talk to them about a fun subject. Our topic of the day was the Holocaust, and the previous week most students expressed their interest in the subject.

We started with some icebreaker questions, and much to my delight the students actively participated. I was introduced to two new students, and I was ecstatic to see we had seven students attending the class. We discussed facts about the Holocaust and other genocides, and I was thrilled by the responses from the students. Many made impressive observations during our conversations and told personal family stories. The conversation grew a bit hostile and heated when we began talking about immigrant rights, so we steered the conversation back to the topic.

I read out loud a poem called “First They Came For The Jews” by Pastor Niemoller, and we talked about responsibility and assisting others. Lastly I drew a chart on the board about rights all people should have and rules no one should enforce, and the answers were great! The responses included voting for the first part and discrimination for the second part of the chart.

Personally, I loved when the students and I discussed study abroad. For many it was their first time hearing about such an opportunity, and my co-facilitator and I excitedly shared our stories and experiences, and I think the students enjoyed our chat.

Tune in next week for another post! Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Amnesty International or the HRESC program. This blog is purely the opinions of Rosemarie Treanor.