New York City– Here I come!

Since I started at work, I have been working on preparations, like donor research, mailing guidebooks, and making phone calls to foundations, for an upcoming meeting in NYC on urban Catholic schools. The meeting brings together philanthropists and experts so that their ideas can converge and be shared, and, hopefully, donors leave feeling as though they have gained valuable information on how to ensure that Catholic schools can still exist and provide a great educational option for inner-city youth.

Central Park

The meeting will be held for two days and consists of a site visit to a charter school and breakout sessions where specific topics will be discussed, and I have been invited to attend and help my co-workers so that the event runs smoothly.  How cool is that?! I never imagined I would be going to NYC when I picked this internship. I think that is the beauty of internships though– nothing is set in stone and job descriptions are flexible. That can be good and bad because you can go into your internship expecting to perform all of these grand and prestigious tasks, only to get stuck photocopying, or you can go in with a flexible attitude and just conquer every task that is assigned to you so that they begin to realize your potential. I think this is something that is learned after one interns at least twice, as it is in my case. I was very disappointed with my first internship because I thought I would be given a lot more responsibilities, but alas I was not. However, at my current internship I did not try to figure out what I would be doing beforehand and day dream about it, rather I just went in on the first day and asked what needed to be done, and I have always been given something to do! This internship has been quite exciting thus far, and I think my blog on my NYC visit should be a good read.. so hopefully you stay tuned for that! 🙂