I’ve always hated group projects in classes. I’ve always hated when professors justify group work by saying something like, “In the real world, you have to work in teams. So get used to it.” I hate group work for classes because the work rarely gets done as a group. It’s done individually and it’s thrown together the night before the presentation.

At PHA, I’ve gotten a glance at the inevitable “real world team work” professors have prepared me for. And there’s a huge difference (thank goodness!).

At PHA working in teams is not only required, it desired. Most projects and programs cross department lines, which means team work is necessary. For example, let’s say there is a constituent who is planning a huge special event to raising money for PHA and raise awareness about PH. There is a special events department, which will probably act as the point person for contacting and supporting the constituent. However, the advocacy awareness department can help which ideas and information on how to involve the local media to further spread information about PH. The development department would have the details on how to run a fundraiser for PHA. That’s three different departments all working together to make sure a constituent has what he or she needs to have a successful event.

This is teamwork that matters. Everyone has a role and everyone does their part. I love it.