Life in the Fast Lane

Hello all!

Sorry about the delay, but life has been so hectic recently!

My internship has been consuming my life because we have a gala coming up in November and so a lot of the work we are doing deals with preparation for the gala and the events before hand. The 17th Annual Caribbean American Heritage Awards Gala will be held on the 12th of November with events and speakers in the day and dinner and gala at night.

I’ve mostly been working on writing biographies of important and notable Caribbean Americans, as well as continuing my research on the effects of the diaspora. Also I have been re working my magazine plan. My supervisor sent it back to me with a few areas that need more information and so I’m also buffing up and polishing the proposal so that we can have it all ready to be made public by the gala at the latest, hopefully before then.

It’s actually a lot of work however I’m looking¬†forward¬†to the gala because it costs $100 to get in, however as part of the program (plus I’ll be helping out with directing people and other things) I get to go for free and maybe have a room at the hotel it is being hosted at the J.W. Marriott Hotel!!!!

Maybe I’ll get to see you all there????