Having a case of the Mondays.

To those of you who have been so deprived as to not have seen Office Space, the source of the allusion in the title of this post, my pity and sorrow rest with you at this hour.

For the rest of you, however, I bring news of something we all have experienced one time or another: a case of the Mondays.  Rendered from sarcasm to real problem, this is not entirely out of the realm of possibility; nothing like having to wake up early after a lengthy weekend of any number of things (from homework to logistical concerns, from fun to not sleeping enough) and be productive.  The subject of a great number of jokes, comics, and so forth, this problem is usually lampooned at length, but never really dealt with directly.  Now, even though there are degrees of suffering on Monday, some worse than others, we all know how it can be.  Some people in my office have some pretty good methods of starting the work week more successfully, and in ways that are constructive, and I would like to share them here.

1) Start a rotation of people to bring in some kind of sugary delight for Monday morning; at ICMA, it isn’t entirely uncommon to find homemade coffee cake or the like in some of the more popular coffee and break rooms around our office.  This would be easier to do for smaller offices, which are common for internships (like at an NGO, for example), and could be a great way of building comradery amongst coworkers.  Plus, there is of course the

2) Assuming you are OK’ed to do so by your supervisor, bring in an MP3 player, or even just headphones/earbuds, and listen to music specially for Monday.  Even if it is just a special Case of the Mondays-only, 2 repetition type of thing, having a method of getting settled in and adhering to it can be more effective than one might think.  As a suggestion that works for me, consider the possibility of rediscovering one of the gems of the Canadian rock scene in the late 1960’s.  Rush is not only excellent most of the time, but their classic that was made famous by a DJ from my home town of Cleveland, Working Man, is simply excellent music to start the mind in the morning.  At least for me; I would 100% OK with people listening to whatever they find works for them; just be sure to set aside one or two specific Monday-morning-only songs for it to be most effective.

3) Approach working in an oblique way; if your job involves mostly reading reports or the like, start off Monday morning reading news of your choice; then hit some kind of work-related news site or blog; and from there, start off into doing specific work tasks.  Similarly, having a writing-intensive job can be easier to get into on a slow Monday if you start off by reading some blog that interests you, and then perhaps doing a small blog post of your own (perhaps even start a small, pseudonym kind of blog for just this reason).  From there, you will have finished the often-slow process of rebooting your work-mind and getting started.


These are only a few possibilities that I have seen work for people here; anyone else have any good methods of combating the Terror of a Case of the Mondays?