time flies when…

WOW. I cannot believe next week is already November! Maybe, it is the warm weather that is tricking me or the late daylight savings day this year, but it really feels like I just started my internship a few weeks ago. Thus, this post is dedicated to the concept of time, and how it always seems to fly by at work when I need to get something done really quickly.





I think part of the reason I never feel as though time goes by really fast at work is because I always have multiple tasks to do. This is good at helping me develop my prioritizing skills, but it also makes it difficult to stand back and feel proud of what I did for the day because the day feels as though it is never going to end and the tasks just keep coming. I am glad that I am extremely busy at my internship, but I just realized that as much as I enjoy this aspect, it would be nice to have a balance. I think my feeling of personal accomplishment will come when I go to NYC and see the entire meeting in action, but right now it is just a lot of preparation that feels like it could go on forever!

Today is a great example of this because  after a month I am still working on completing donor research on the attendees for the upcoming meeting. I mean I have not been working on it 24/7, but it has been something I tried to tackle in small pieces every day. The problem is that I think I made more work for myself by dividing it up like this because now I actually know what I should be writing about each person. It is stressful, because Thursday– the next day  I work– is when the research needs to be completed, and I still have about 100 people to write about! I do not understand why it took me so long to do research on only 1/2 of the people today. This is frustrating because I really thought I could finish it today!

I keep reassuring myself that I will finish it, and reminding myself of what my mom told me– the work will always be there the next day and sometimes you just have to leave. I appreciate my mom for giving me this advice as I think it will aid me in any employment opportunity that I partake in. I am realizing that time is uncontrollable (as obvious as that sounds), and that I need to accept this and work as hard as I can in the time that I do have at work.