The First Few Weeks at Focused Image

I’m a senior in the School of Communication at American University majoring in Public Communication and French. My past internships have been with Linda Roth Associates, a small hospitality-based Public Relations firm and the Washington Post Express in the fashion/beauty/home/food section.

This semester, I am interning at Focused Image Inc, an award winning marketing communications firm in the Greater Washington area that specializes in branding, marketing and public relations. They represent a variety of clients in industries including aerospace, defense, energy, government services, retail, financial services and technology.

As I learn more about the companies, the one I have found to be the most interesting is a technology company that specializes in eye-tracking. You might be thinking, “What is eye-tracking?”  That’s what I first questioned. Basically the company manufactures special glasses that can track a consumer’s eye movements to study what image first draws them to a product.  Which product on a website or in a store aisle will attract a consumer’s eyes first? Eye tracking records that and determines consumer interests.

I chose this internship because it is something much different than the two communications internships I have had before. I previously worked at a boutique style PR firm that worked with hotels, restaurants and other companies in the hospitality industry.  Hopefully this internship will give me a chance to learn about other important industries in and around DC.

This is my third week at Focused Image, and I have been researching a lot about the clients and their media coverage. However, I do hope improve my writing skills by taking on other responsibilities such as drafting press releases, media alerts, etc.