Seventh Week – Orange Week: Getting Used to it.

I didn’t think it would happen but apparently I did – I’m completely adapted into my life here. It feels totally normal and almost routine. Well, not quite routine…

Interesting things do happen every week here, and more and more I’m learning about what life is like as an American Diplomat. It’s weird, because when you live in a little commune of Americans it honestly feels like you’re in some gated community. I… don’t really like it.

I wish we were more integrated into the society of where we work. I’m not sure of the reason why we have to be kept together. If anything that seems like a security hazard rather than a security precaution. But for me it’s cooler because technically I don’t live in the American section. I live in the same appartment complex with people from all over the world. And all of them are SUPER NICE… but the people who live above me have a toddler and a baby and… that’s not cool. Baby’s loud and the Toddler plays with toy cars on the hardwood floor. And bouces balls. Not cool.

Speaking of which, there is somewhat of a divide here when it comes to families and independents living here. This place only has one community center, and unfortunately it’s the only place that offers free Wifi to us. So people like me who use the internet for school and/or the people who just want to chill out and drink at the attached bar have to put up with the screaming kids that sometimes come in here with their neglectful parents. There should really be two separate places – one for kids/families and one for independent just trying to take a relaxing/enjoyable break.

Each side points fingers too… Parents say that if a bar goer gets drunk it makes America look bad, but then someone came around and said if their kid throws rocks at a building (which happened) permanent damage that also makes America look bad. Both are right, but at least the independent is liable for his/her own person. If he or she doesn’t have control over him/herself then they shouldn’t be working for the State Department in the first place. As a Diplomat, you represent America… but your family does too. I learned that if someone in the Diplomat’s family screws up big time, the Diplomat gets sent back alongside the rest of the family. Don’t let your kids run amuck man, ruins everything.

So that’s what I learned this week, basically what it means to be a Diplomat amongst your own community. Best thing to do? Act as though your at work at all times. Your boss could be at the community center, do you want him/her to see your unruly children or drunken behavior? Of course not. Keep it at home.

Here’s some pretty Swans.

There are seven of them.