Getting Ready for Congress

Since the start of the semester, my priority to coordinate invitations for the Congressional Luncheon. Every year PHA hosts a lunch on Capitol Hill to bring patients, caregivers, and medical professionals to Congress to teach Representatives about PH and the PH Research Act.

Out of all the projects I’ve worked on this one feels the most real and it is definitely the most intense. And the most frightening. That’s probably because I have more responsibility for this project then for other projects.

So far, I have designed the invitations and worked with a third party printer to send out the invitations. I’ve also mailed an informational flyer to all the support group leaders across the nation, urging them to invite their members of Congress. Next, I will help coordinate the catering and room set. These are all import tasks and it’s exciting to be part of the team, helping put together this truly exciting event.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the best part about my internship is contributing to programs that truly benefit the community.