Creative Solutions

One of the most frustrating parts of my internship was getting pulled onto an ongoing project. I was in charge of soliciting and collecting letters from constituents. However, as I even though I went through all the traditional steps of advertising and marketing the campaign to collect letters, I wasn’t receiving any letters. It’s frustrating to work for a long time on a project and see it go no where.

In stead of just pushing the project aside, I met with my supervisor and we brainstormed ideas to make the campaign more accessible to constituents. We changed our angle and decided to reach out to individuals, to bring a story into the campaign. As soon as we changed our angle, I started to see involvement in the campaign grow. Moreover, I’ve seen the interest level of the individuals I’ve started working with on this campaign grow.

I think the experience of being able to have the room to imagine and execute creative solutions for challenges is going highly helpful as I transition from a student intern to a real person. AKA a professional something. Plus, the satisfaction of finally getting the campaign moving is great.