Discovery has character(s)

Discovery, like other networks, is known for their characters.

There is no doubt that the Discovery characters such as Mike Rowe, the late Captain Phil, and The Fabulous Beekman Boys make us want to tune-in.  Why?  Because they are interesting.  The challenge, however, is how to engage consumers throughout the rest of the year.  For consumers like me, I want to know exactly how Kat Von D spends the other 6 months of her year.  Where is she partying?  Does she ever take a break?  Did she get any new tats?  These are questions that should be answered for consumers…because it keeps attention on Discovery’s brand.  I am learning how to use social media and other marketing techniques to help engage consumers when the show is off-air.  For example, the off-air marketing team on Planet Green has developed a Holiday Special for the Fabulous Beekman Boys which premieres on Dec. 8th at 9pm to satisfy their loyal fan base’s desire to be a part of their lives around Christmas and the New Year.  This has been a great learning experience, because these types of marketing tactics far exceed the media and entertainment industry and may be applicable to others.  Bottom line…make sure consumers stay attached to your brand 365 days of the year.