Learning about Fact Sheets and Blogs

This week I had the chance to do a lot more writing.  I helped start drafts for two press releases, and once they are published, I can hopefully add them to my portfolio, which is always a plus 🙂

I also helped update a fact sheet for a client that specializes in eye-tracking technology with information about its products.   Learning about this company’s products is quite interesting.  It’s really amazing what can be done with that sort of technology.  For example, the latest eye-tracking technology is helping drivers who might fall asleep at the wheel to stay awake by noticing when the eyelid closes and alerting the driver to wake up and stay alert.

What I enjoyed most about this week was helping to start a draft of a blog for a company that deals with extended warranties for certain products, because it allows for more creativity.  The company’s blog gives tips about taking care of or protecting electronics, jewelry, appliances, etc with extended warranties.  It also gives recommendations and reviews of the new and best electronics.  The post I assisted with has not yet been published, but expect to see it on the page soon!