Learning More About Press Releases

I am getting some great experience  helping to draft press releases.  I have already assisted with two for an aviation solutions company and one for a company dealing with extended warranties for electronics and other gadgets.  Assisting with release drafts is one aspect of my internship I enjoy doing more than researching, since I am able to be a bit more creative.

While researching for social media posts today, I found out that Verizon is finally partnering with Apple to release the iPhone 4! Too bad I don’t use Verizon or have an iPhone…..

Some other noteworthy facts I found while researching gadgets: there may soon be a cell phone that can charge off your body heat.

Nintendo is launching a Wii system in bright red to celebrate SuperMario’s 25th anniversary!

There is a new concept hot tub that is designed to never spill, because it descends into the floor.

Other than that, today has been filled with more research, helping the team build media lists and formatting press clips for client reports.