Potluck Thursday

Today is Potluck day at my internship! Everyone brought in something delicious for lunch and my two supervisors are just swarming around the kitchen area waiting to eat.  I contributed homemade mac and cheese, so hopefully everyone likes it!

Last Thursday I was able to sit in on an interesting meeting.  A representative from a company that creates publications for the military and its surrounding audiences came in to discuss working with us on advertising for one of our clients.  The representative showed many options for ways to advertise  including posters, hologram stickers, pressure-sensitive stickers, belly-bands and inserts.  They are also offering a new product called webcasts, which are more interactive for the consumer.  Overall, it was an interesting meeting, because I was able to learn and see how advertising combines with Public Relations.

One of my more regular tasks has been helping to research and start drafting social media posts for one of our clients that provides extended warranties for electronics, lawn and gym equipment and jewelry.  I research new gadgets and devices on websites like engagdetcnet and dvice to post on its facebook page.  It can be pretty interesting, because I’m not very tech savvy and would probably not know about things like the robot window washer or the dawn stimulating alarm clock if I didn’t read these sites.

Today I also helped being a draft of a press release for client in the aviation industry.   I will say that my Public Relations writing class has prepared me well in writing press releases.  Thanks Professor Melillo!