The End?

Hello everyone. My sincerest apologies for having not updated in AGES. I know, life right? But this time, life decided it was time for me to make a little lemonade…

Take one: I was planning to update on Monday, when I received the news. The end-all, be-all news. “Effective immediately, Citysearch is shuttering all editorial operations.” Um… what? Do I not have an internship anymore? What am I supposed to do about the fact that I am receiving academic credit for this internship? How can I possibly get another internship for the semester this late in the game?? All things running through my head.

I frantically pounded out a note to my internship advisor asking for advice, and contacted a previous supervisor and one of my current (now former) supervisor’s friends to inquire about opportunities. My advisor assured me we would work something out, and I started breathing again. Not that I had been that worried… but let’s be honest, when our senior year GPA is on the line, we start freaking out a little bit. My internship class (which I’m taking through the SPA Leadership Program) talks a lot about organizational behavior, and this was the perfect analysis for it. Take two: Tuesday afternoon I get an email (to my personal email address) specifying that the company is committed to honoring their commitments to the interns and that they will work with us to complete the internships. Um… what? So confused.

Take three: Call today with an upper-up in L.A. We’re now switching focus back to the main site and I am back to doing list assignments.

Confused? If you aren’t, congrats on being able to keep up with my whirling world over here. New update soon, about having a boss in Los Angeles, but for now… my apologies for keeping you waiting so long. Perhaps now you understand why.