typing on a train

Maybe it is from my lack of sleep over these past few days, but I think my title for this blog post it not that exciting, even though interning this week was the peak of excitement!  The excitement and lack of sleep are related– I had to get up very early from Tuesday-Today (Thursday) because I went to NYC (see earlier blog post) for my internship! It was better than I could have imagined, and it is a great feeling to see all of your hard work in-person, instead of having to hear about it later from my colleagues. Really, my internship could be boring for the next month (I do not think it will be though) and I would still come away from the entire experience happy because I got to go to a meeting and see in-person all of the donors and foundations that I had done extensive research and made many phone calls, too. The meeting though, also shed light to me that I adore traveling for work. And I want to make sure I look into other jobs that will allow me to do this– hopefully internationally as well! It would be great to somehow meld this type of traveling and meeting people component into my career. The meeting also showed me how important and good it is that I have developed organizational skills and the ability to plan because sooo much (more than you can imagine) planning and steps that can easily go overlooked, go into planning an entire meeting in NYC, one that is fairly close in comparison to other locations.




One problem that does arise, though, is that because one person cannot plan the entire meeting by themselves, and the help of others is needed, miscommunication can be a major downfall and it is really important to delegate responsibilities early and relay them clearly. I even messed a few things up prior to the meeting and at the meeting because I assumed something incorrectly.

On one hand, making mistakes and learning from them is extremely valuable because it helps the individual who messed up realize and remember never to do it again, but on the other hand, it creates even more additional work that another person or myself needed to clean up. But, the best part of preparing, planning, and working at a job like my current internship is times like this– where I can sit and write/ or just reflect in my head about it and realize that people enjoyed the meeting, and the work I contributed to it was necessary. Thus, at present I feel a slight sense of fulfillment underneath my mask of exhaustion 🙂