Eighth Week – Green Week: Taking Advantage of Where You Work

This is a picture of a random Tavern in Marburg at 3:00 in the morning on my way to Berlin. It happens to be unrelated to this post but next week I’ll talk about my trip there.

But during Green Week, I had the great opportunity to look through some amazing files! Honestly I couldn’t be happier with the fact that I actually had access to look through some of the cases that the State Department handles on a day to day basis. So I guess what I want to report for this week is to really take advantage of where you work, and ask about what you can access because you’ll be surprised at what you can get your hands on!

Generally your Supervisors want to impress you to give a good impression of their company/governmental branch, so I’m almost positive that they will comply, however don’t get too carried away.
They probably don’t want you looking at classified information if you don’t have the clearance.

The end of my stay here is almost up, so now I’m really just trying to make use of my time and getting as MUCH done as possible. End time is go time, and it’s your last chance that you get to really show them your stuff. So don’t slack off, if anything really work hard. That’s what I’ve been doing and it’s nearly killing me D:

I have school work and my novel on top of all of this… but I’m still happy as hell so whatever. Being busy is AWESOME.

Raptor on Halloween!