Learning more about Cision

This week, I learned more about media lists.  On Monday, I used Cision to assist in updating one of our older media lists, and then afterward I started assisting in creating a media list for an aviation solutions company for a media event.  Using Cision can be tricky at times, because it loads rather slowly, and it isn’t always easy to narrow down the types of media for which you’re looking.  Different events require different media outlets, whether it is based on the industry, the location or the type of publication.  However, once I got the hang of it, it seemed rather efficient to just click “add contact” and then automatically export the list to Excel.  That’s definitely helpful.

Today I spent the majority of the morning assisting in calling contacts on a media list for an upcoming campaign to support a client that specializes in eye tracking.  While it is easy to simply read a script to an answering machine, I found that dealing with a live person may sometimes be difficult.  Many people are not interested in the story that you’re trying to pitch or explain if it does not relate to the field of their publication.  All in all, it’s a learning experience and proves to be good practice in dealing with editors and other members of the media.

Currently I am drafting a web brief for a data management company.  As I write more press releases and web briefs, I am noticing improvement in my Public Relations writing skills.