Questionnaires and the Re-Launch of Focused Image’s Web Site

This week was a bit more diverse and interesting than my other weeks here.  First, on Monday, I was assigned to assist in calling local photo studios to find a place where one of our clients could be photographed for head shots within a certain price range.  After much searching and calling, I finally found three suitable studios: one in downtown D.C., one in Tyson’s Corner and one in Bethesda.


I also helped draft a questionnaire dealing with the social media for one of our clients who provides extended warranties for electronics.  This was quite a coincidence, considering we just learned how to create questionnaires in my Public Communication Research class with Professor Ivancin.  In order to create a good questionnaire you really have to be creative in thinking of questions, and they certainly cannot be repetitive or lengthy so as not to bore your respondent.


I also assisted in drafting a backgrounder and a fact sheet for one of our financial clients which were beneficial for my writing skills.


Lastly, Focused Image Inc. is re-launching its web site sometime soon, so I helped the PR team draft some press releases regarding some of the company’s latest accomplishments, including its achievement of winning four 2010 MarCom awards, two platinum and two gold!