Am I missing something?

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There is a recurring theme at my internship of me feeling left out of the loop. The ultimate consequence of this is that I either inform others of incorrect information, or I end up having to re-do assignments I thought I had completed correctly. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem at their internship? Is there soemthing I am missing with this whole communication thing– I try to be very open and willing to complete a variety o taks and I am not afraid to ask questions when I am confused, but I feel like on my supervisor’s end they are forgetting to tell me key things prior to starting an assignment, either that or they assume that I already know how to do the task w/o much guidance.

For instance, today I was just informed– after I thought I had finally finished my research for the day– that I have to go back and include details I did not do for my last donor research report… ideally, this would have been helpful to know today when I came in beforeI began the project. I guess this is just the drawback and precarious nature of an internship becasue the employer really does not get to know you for very long and, unlike a professor, they are not constantly evaluating you so that they can come to a greater understanding of your skills and abilities. I am still very pleased with my internship and the great professional experience it is providing me with, but I think it is also important to take note of the problems that I am encountering so that I can hopefully resolve them at my current internship or beware of them prior to starting another position of employment.

So, does anyone know how to avoid this pitfall and increase communication between you and your employer? It must vary across contexts and locations, but any suggestions will help. Until then, I will keep plugging along until the end of the semester.