The Death Penalty

I apologize for the absence of posts recently; classes at Cardozo were cancelled for two Fridays in a row. Fear not, I am roaring back to all your computers with a new and exciting blog post!

I must admit that I really missed the students; it was strange not seeing them at the end of their week to catch up. Last week my class discussed the death penalty in the context of human rights. It was a daunting subject, and I had no idea how the class would proceed. We started with an open discussion on the death penalty and reasons behind crime. We watched a few interview clips of prosecutors involved with high-profile crimes, which were extremely interesting. The students were captivated.

We did other activities involving various scenarios, which were well received. Our final activity was particularly intense, for it was a death penalty mock trial. Each student was given a role, ranging from the accused to judge, and we were all the jury. The students actively participated, and the best part was when we examined information from the real life example which the mock trial simulated.

The students were engaged in our heated discussions, and overall the lesson went fairly well. This upcoming week is an activism project, and I am really excited about it. Until next time readers!