Total Career Confirmation

So, today I had the opportunity to interview of one my colleagues who has recently returned from a trip to Liberia where she helped to implement a two-day workshop to train local leaders on how to best report data to our organization. See, our organization (Fund for Peace), aims to prevent conflict, so it is vital that we have an ongoing and accurate stream of info to do so. What I found out is that, for lack of a better phrase, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Where do I even start?? I had so many questions to ask – not only was I personally very curious, but the info will also be so very helpful as a framework in which I can operate for my final RFP (request for proposal) due in one of my graduate classes. Where do you stay? How do you contact local NGO’s? What are the greatest costs? How do you deal with the issue of security? What about program evaluation upon completion?

I had to organize my thoughts in a logical way that would help solicit the best information possible. And honestly, the organizing was hard but the listening was so easy! I knew I had joined the right organization when I heard about the first-hand experiences and opportunities that my co-workers have embarked upon. This is the kind of stuff I’ve always wanted to do!

Afterall, international development and conflict prevention is such a small focus… it is hard to really gain hands-on experience and hear first-hand stories. However, this is exactly what I am doing. My internship has really solidified my desire to continue on my current path… I mean, everyone has to start somewhere, right?