Oh my oh my. Where have I been? I guess that is what having an internship and being a full time college student mixed does to you. Life with the Wizards has its ups and downs. There are some weeks where there is so little to do, that it is only a few assignments to do throughout the day. Other weeks, like the past one, where it is constant need for spreadsheets to be made, information to research, and packages to ship.

Once the season started, which it did with a Wizards home win on November 2nd, all the preparation and marketing really began to show. The first game was a little overwhelming because working the Kids Club table, you saw a constant stream of people coming past. And it was my job to try and get them to sign their kids up. It was both the easiest standing around and the hardest marketing push I’ve ever had to do. But the games are pretty fun because you start to see the same season-ticket holders game after game. One little girl knows the Wizard’s whole schedule by heart and gives me game previews before each tip-off.

The rest of my hours in the office are just doing whatever needs to be done. It really makes you remember you are at the bottom of the food chain with some of the tasks you get. But in the end it is really cool to see some of the graphics you made actually on a flyer you are passing out in Gallery Place-Chinatown.

My tip to everyone, even when you feel that you are really under appreciated, you’re not. The people you work for are grateful for your help and are helping the company. Just do the best work you can on the simplest tasks and you are rewarded. I’ve noticed that sometimes the other interns don’t try as hard and they complain about the work they get assigned. Internships are really what you make of it so be sure to treat your internship the same as if it was a class (work a little harder sometimes if you can!) because this is the best experience you are ever going to get. It is the real world and once you graduate, you hope to be ready for the real world and who knows they may give you job!

Until then, the free catered dinners before the games make all the work worth it.