Multiples of 10

To commemorate this as my tenth blog entry on my internship, I have provided my top- ten lists below on the ten things I learned from my internship and the five best experiences from my internship.

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Top Ten things I learned:

  1. 1. Co-workers, for the most part, are understanding of the mistakes you make… as long as you offer to fix them!
  2.  2. Not everyone gets their To Do lists done on-time, which means that it is important to be flexible and patient.
  3. 3. A lot of unforeseen circumstances get in the way of being efficient and productive. Some are avoidable, like making sure you are on task when you should be, but others are not, like a fire drill during an important meeting or having to help track down your boss’ lost piece of luggage when he landed across the country today!
  4. 4. Check your email—religiously!
  5. 5. Do not be afraid to ask questions—or else you will end up showing up to work on Veteran’s Day, like I did last week, only to realize the office is closed!
  6. Be patient with yourself as you learn a new skill, such as how to make colored copies or navigate CRM—a software that maintains information on customers.
  7. Do not be scared to say that you have to leave—sometimes bosses may forget you are a student first and that you have other commitments. This is especially difficult is they are not used to having interns, which was not the case for me, but I have heard it has been for others.
  8. Come prepared to any meeting—as an intern there is a high probability that you will be asked during the meeting to take notes!
  9. Even if you have to take notes, do not pretend you are invisible, and make sure you speak up if there is something important that you noticed. As an intern, you are kind of like an outsider looking in and this unfamiliarity can really benefit the company. 
  10. Say yes and except offers to go on business trips or meetings in DC that will enhance your understanding of the organization and its work.  

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Top Five Best Experiences

  1. 1. Going to NYC for three days! I felt like such an adult and not an intern—it was a weird feeling. The best part of it was going to tour a high school and an elementary school and talk to the kids!
  2. 2. Discovering the impact that philanthropy has on society—I have a new view of what it takes to make powerful projects, and I am knowledgeable of what some of the most influential philanthropic foundations are interested in, especially in the realm of education reform.
  3. 3. Submitting projects that were actually useful for the organization.
  4. Realizing that I do not want to continue on this career path and be married to a computer screen and a keyboard, but rather work for an organization that affords me more personal interaction with those outside of the company.
  5. Mailing publications to over 350 Dioceses in the nation was time-consuming, but worth it when two of them call you back and you realized you helped them!