Discovery Extensions

How do you turn an on-air show into a tangible item?

Simple!  T-shirts.  Urban Outfitters and stores of its kind have been turning slogans into shirts for years.  Need an example?  “New Jersey:  Only the Strong Survive.”  I like that because I am a Jersey Girl, but I also like how it makes the personality of geographic area wearable.  So why not do this with TV shows.  Well Discovery did just that.  They took the personality of Farmer John on the Fabulous Beekman Boys and turned it in to a shirt.  It simply shows his face with a tear drop…symbolic of his love for his goats.  These T-Shirts will be sold on Discovery Communications Commerce website shortly, but you can purchase other show t-shirts and other items from that website as well.  This is a great example of how to extend the Discovery brand beyond the show.