Discovery’s Impact

Discovery’s role as a corporate citizen goes above an beyond other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that I have researched.

As part of my internship project I am researching the impact that CSR has on a company.  While there is no question that CSR activities imbue brands with qualities that make a customer feel good about purchasing, there is some question as to how much of these activities will do the job.  For Discovery however, it seems that they will spare no expense to make sure that Discovery is acting in the worlds best interest, even if these activities affect their bottom line more than most companies.

I do not have specific cost implications for Discovery, but a simple glance at the Discovery Impact website will demonstrate how seriously they take their CSR initiatives.  It is a wonderful breath of fresh air I might add.  This website teaches us that some corporate cultures fully embrace their responsibility to be a good corporate citizen, even if it costs them time and money to do so.