Individual Activism

Hello readers!

I am excited to tell you all about my most recent Cardozo experience! Last Friday was a beautiful day, which provided an optimistic backdrop to discuss activism. The HRESC supervisor came to observe my class, so I was a little nervous, but having her in the classroom with us was really great. Our two icebreakers spurred conversation about international travel, which I loved. Then we discussed how activists can be, in theory, anyone in any place. We discussed “the greats” like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. But then I showed them examples of teens making a difference, courtesy of The students really enjoyed discussing stories of adolescents doing something in their community. My favorite part of class was certainly when everyone went on the computers and wrote letters to an authority figure about an issue that was important to them. Their issues ranged from cyber bullying to homelessness to financial aid. Some of the letters really pulled at my heart strings, for I was very moved by how the students wrote about very personal topics. I loved interacting with the students on an individual basis, and I think they enjoyed my feedback on their letters. It was a very proud moment for me.  Thank you for reading.

Disclaimer: As always, the opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Amnesty International or the HRESC program. This blog is purely the opinions of Rosemarie Treanor.