Never Say No

My boss strolled over to my desk one afternoon and congratulated me on a big project that I had just completed.  He then mentioned that there was an opening at a different building to do something new.  “Would you be interested?” he asked.  After 10 weeks of working downtown in the Harry S. Truman building of the State Department, I was moving.

When opportunity calls, always answer.  I had really enjoyed my job downtown, but I felt I had gleaned from it all that I could.  Internships are about learning, so if you have the chance to move somewhere else or work on something or with someone new, take it.

The new position would be much closer to where I lived I was told.  They placed me at State Department Annex 33 (SA-33 for short).  At the intersection of Connecticut Ave and Van Ness it was indeed much closer, only a mile away.  Now I could ride my bike to work and avoid the long waits for buses in the winter weather.

I also got a new boss, named Bruce.  He was most of my motivation for moving.  My old boss, Cliff, was great, but being extremely busy he had no time to show me the ropes or get to know me.  Bruce, on the other hand, had just gotten back from a posting in Africa and had been a career Foreign Service Officer.  Being new himself, he needed someone to help him adjust to our office.

Being Bruce’s only direct report has given me a lot more responsibility and opened me up to a bunch of new tasks.  My type of work here is a very different beast than down at Main State.  I’m really glad that I transferred because downtown they weren’t sure if they would be able to keep me and make me a paid intern next semester, but here at SA-33 they have a couple of potential posts for me.