Training Time

Many offices, especially the non-Congressional Federal government ones like State, offer free training classes in a bunch of different office related topics.  Some of them are helpful, some of them are boring, but all of them look good on your resumé.

Each day at State,  they send out Department-wide emails called “e-Department Notices.”  Most of them are filled with irrelevant successes of the bureaucracy and uninteresting events, but they also list training sessions as well as guest lecturer events (often with free food).

Additionally, each office is required to send a certain number of people to all the training sessions somewhat relevant to their work.  Rarely does anyone ever want to go, so volunteering to go as an intern shows that you not only want to learn but also that you have ambition.  Also, if you are the only one in the office who knows how to do something (even if it’s mundane), your value as a worker increases.

Sometimes the courses are really helpful: a computer systems training that I worked with everyday.  Sometimes they are quite the opposite: a performance review process session.  No matter what, they all have fancy sounding names that look really good when you apply for another job, especially a government one.  For example: e-Performance, TOMIS computer systems, F-504 processing certification.  You learn something, it takes an hour, and you’ve got some fancy stuff for your resumé–everyone wins.