Working from Afar

As usual, I’m pulling behind on posts, but last week I didn’t have a lot to share as I didn’t end up doing a lot in my internship. Just a recap in case you missed the last post: the company that I am interning for released all of the city editors. What does this mean for me? My boss is now in Los Angeles. While I wasn’t working (in person) with my supervisor in D.C. on a regular basis, I did see her fairly regularly for lunch, and we had constant communication throughout the day via IM and email.This new arrangement means that not only do I never see my supervisor, but that I also will probably never meet her. Not to mention the fact that she is now handling all of the interns around the country, who are all working on unique assignments (there are about 10 interns altogether). As a result: no assignment last week.

This past week I worked on a list for gourmet shops in D.C., a list that all of the interns are working on as well for their own respective cities. It was odd to work on the list by myself; normally I would go through two edits with my supervisor in D.C. before the list was sent for editing and approval to her supervisor in New York City. This week I wrote the list and then put it online for my new supervisor to approve. It’s a very different system.

This experience has taught me to be open but wary to organizational change. And to have a backup plan– since I am receiving credit for this internship, had I been unable to continue working for Citysearch I would have had to do something else to finish my hours. Definitely a good learning experience, particularly before I enter the workforce in a few short months.