Changing Times

A few weeks ago, we received a new President at my internship. Now, usually everyone dislikes change in some way (mainly because it brings in the element of ‘the unknown’), but in this case I really think we had a very smooth transition. A former US Dept of State and UN Ambassador, our new president not only is a great leader, but also allows me to look a few decades into the future to see what possible career paths I can follow.

During our first president-intern meeting a few weeks ago, it became apparent that our president was really interested in feedback from all levels of the company, including us interns. After our standard introductions/academic backgrounds/career goals, we really began to engage in a much deeper level of conversation. We were developing plans to introduce the Fund for Peace into the social media world! In a generation where texting thumb is the new tennis elbow and everyone and their grandmother has an iPhone, it only makes sense that this is the most logical next step for the organization.

With the help of online communication mediums such as Facebook and Twitter, we would now be able to post information about conferences and reports in which we are involved. Brevity is key in today’s society. Many young professionals and students simply cannot be bothered to read more than a page of anything! So, quick 160 symbol update may be the new answer. Even top officials are looking for ways to convey the facts and nothing more. Now more than ever, time = money so social media is a free way to convey quick but important messages.

With the rate that technology is changing, who knows what lies ahead 10 years down the road, or even 2 years. As a business, and as an intern, it is important to welcome that change instead of fighting it. The world is becoming increasingly smaller and interdependent. Thank you, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates!