Holiday Media Kits

Today I have spent a lot of time working in Cision again, helping to create a media list for one of our clients who offers extended warranties for consumer electronics and other products.  The media list focuses on TV outlets in DC, Baltimore and Richmond.  Thus, although I am already aware of many of the TV stations in DC, I am learning about other existing TV stations in the other two cities.

Before that, I helped to assemble 200 holiday media kits for the same client.  In my opinion, media kits can really look impressive to a client or reporters when including relevant information and polishing the product well, but I never realized how much time it takes to print all the papers, staple them and assemble it into one kit.  From now on every time I open a media kit, I will consider the time and preparation needed to prepare one.

Additionally, one of our clients that deals with data management is planning on creating a Twitter account, and I am helping to find some related Twitter contacts to add to its social network.