Don’t Quit While You’re Ahead

What I mean with the title of this entry is not that you should keep working at your internship till you’re miserable or everyone there wants you gone (in that case there are obviously some other problems afoot).  My point is that if you like your internship and want to keep working there, ask them if you can.People say it never hurts to ask, and it’s so true.  Worst case scenario when you ask to stay on is that they will say no.  Even then it shouldn’t be awkward because you will soon be gone anyways.  Additionally, if an organization decides not to keep you, it is likely to due budgetary constraints.  Almost every organization loves its interns as they offer fresh ideas, new blood, and a bit of youthful fun to the office environment.

If you would like to stay on, however, you should mention to your boss at the latest one month before your position expires.  That way you give them a bit of time to get the ball rolling.  At the State Department and most likely any government agency, I would recommend saying something 2 months beforehand.  I told my boss 2 months in advance, and the re-hiring process will still probably not be completed until a few weeks into next semester.

Just because you like it at your internship and think you can stay on is no excuse not to go out and look for a new one.  You should even try re-applying for internships you tried to get earlier and couldn’t.  A lot of times a semester working at the right organization can open up the door that you really want to go through.  You never know what opportunity lies around the corner!