A Marketing Managers Perspective

Ever wonder what a Discovery Communications Marketing Manager’s perspective is on program content?

Some of the most talented and innovative thinkers work at Discovery.  I’d like to think my manager, Carly Roszkowski is among the top of that list.  As such, I have asked her two questions to understand what she thinks might drive a viewer to tune-in.  Our conversation is highlighted below:

Me-  “What has been the most exciting show to work on?”

Carly- “The Fabulous Beekman Boys has been the most exciting show to work on. The content is great, the Boys understand the business, and the industry, and we were able to create a marketing plan that was fun, strategic, creative, outside of the box, and engaging.”

Me- “What types of shows do you think are the most engaging for viewers?”

Carly- “Although there are all types of viewers, I think reality shows are most engaging.  It’s like when you pass an accident on the highway (ambulance, fire trucks, etc), and you don’t want to look, but at the same time you can’t help yourself, and you find yourself not being able to look away. Reality programming has that same effect.”