Being my normal, creative self I naturally tried to title this something like “Interning for the D.C. branch of a Los Angeles based company while spending some time home in Texas.” However, as you can see, that got unnecessarily wordy.

One of the great perks of interning for an online company is that you can literally work anywhere. I must admit though, it’s a bit strange having a tri-city thing going on. I’m still writing about Washington, D.C. but I’m not in it and neither is my supervisor. It’s been an adjustment working for someone new, and someone more “high up”… I’m not going through as many editorial steps and I can’t meet my boss face to face or even just IM her for a quick question.

Another weird thing about interning in a different city… my timezone changed. So when I had a supervisor in D.C. I was planning to get up an hour early (courtesy: central time), but now my boss is actually even earlier than I am. Talk about confusing. So moral of the story: Thanksgiving wonderfulness mixed with online internship= break bliss. Well, so long as you don’t count those papers I caught up on while I was home as well…

Just for sharing: a new list on gourmet goodies! Stay tuned for just a few more posts til the end of the semester! And happy December, everyone!