Over and Out

Hey blog readers, this is my last post since finals are upon us.  I may return next semester, as my internship/job is to continue through the spring.  I don’t have anything poetic to say about all that I’ve learned or any sage advice.  We’ve already talked of acronyms, tips for the workplace, business attire, things to take advantage of downtown, and some of the insights I’ve gained from working at a place I really believe in.

I could go on a rant about riding the constantly broken and slow DC metro (where does all my money GO????), or about how much I love the musically inclined homeless people who serenade all the K St. nine-to-fivers at Farragut North during rush hour, but I think I’ll just say farewell and wish you the best in your future jobs and internships.

Remember to never put your bag on the metro seat next to you because no one should have to ask you to move it, always smile and greet the doorman at your office– someone you see every day should be a friend, and for heaven’s sake take the stairs if you work in an office building– you are in the best shape you’ll ever be in!!  Good luck out there, kick *** on your exams, and have a wonderful holiday.