It’s the final countdown.

…no not that famous 1980’s song, but the actual final countdown. Today is Tuesday and I will be done with all my exams/papers/internship THIS Thursday! I know it is so cliche, but where has the time gone?? Wasn’t it only last week I was uploading my intro post and getting lost on the metro going to work? How did all of these papers sneak up on me all at once?

Life and work at the Fund for Peace has been great! Over the past thirteen weeks, I participated in a number of interesting projects. Under the guidance of my supervisor, I worked on several ongoing initiatives, including UNLock, CAST and the FfP website. Through this process, I was able to sharpen my research skills, hone my analytical abilities and contribute in a meaningful way to the FfP’s mission.

Personally, I found the internship at an optimal time in my academic career. In my Development Management class at American University, I was assigned to a small group whose assignment was to create a Request for Proposal for an education system in Southern Sudan. While we did not work directly with Sudan at the FfP during this term, I was still able to take information gathered and techniques learned here at the office and directly apply them to my final project.

Overall, I believe my experiences here were beneficial on not only a professional level, but on an academic one as well. I also consider the FfP as a strong foundation upon which I can start to build a career in the international development field. As I move forward with a think tank position in the Spring, I am grateful for the hands-on experience, research and ongoing analytic work in which I participated at the FfP!

And, now, onto winter break!!