Final Reflections

This morning was supposed to be my final day at Cardozo, however there was a field trip that reduced our class size to about two people. So our teacher postponed our final lesson until January. When I go back for the lesson we will have pizza and the students will present their final projects. I’m excited!

Overall, this has been such a wonderful experience. I loved working for Amnesty International, and I believe they gave the facilitators excellent support and resources. My favorite part has been working with the students. They have really pulled at my heartstrings. Our one and one conversations have often been very powerful, and I hope the students enjoyed the lessons. It has been a challenge as well, figuring out the lesson plans took a long time. Also, you never knew where the class discussions would go, and often times the conversations went from heated to inappropriately contentious. Regardless, I will really missing seeing the students every Friday!!!

Thank you for reading these posts!

Disclaimer: As always, the opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Amnesty International or the HRESC program. This blog is purely the opinions of Rosemarie Treanor.