Sensitive Topics

Last Friday December 3rd my co-facilitator and I discussed LGBTQ rights within the context of human rights. At our support meeting, we were told to ease into the topic to not stir up unnecessary rowdiness.  We didn’t want to give the students an opportunity to act up when we were discussing such a sensitive topic. Initially we talked about definitions, and then we discussed hate crimes and the recent suicides of homosexual adolescents. At times the class got out of hand, and there were some pretty severe homophobic comments. Their teacher sat with the students and kept an eye on things, thankfully. There was a great Wikipedia site that showed each country and their LGBTQ laws. The chart spurred an interesting conversation when we compared the different laws. Overall, it was a very emotional day. I was taken aback by the homophobic comments, but my hope is that the students were able to get something out of the lesson.