Final Thoughts

I know, I know. School finished already, right? And so did my internship, but I wanted to take a few extra days to gather my thoughts and make this final post worthwhile. My semester was a whirlwind of activity, and not everything always went the way it was supposed to. I think the biggest thing I learned this semester was to be open to change. The content of my internship changed several times throughout the semester, and being flexible enabled me to still enjoy and learn from the experience.While I can’t claim to have always acted my best for the past four years of college, every experience and reaction has taught me more about myself. I think that’s what having an internship is really all about– finding out about yourself. Your likes, your dislikes, what you can see yourself doing in a career and what you never want to touch again.

Something that I learned from my experience was to not limit myself to my major. Because I locked in so fast I was unable to change my major and still graduate in four years, what with taking a whole year to go abroad. But that abroad experience and my experience working for the yearbook have been the best experiences that I have had in college.

As I prepare to graduate in the spring I will take with me all of the lessons learned in college. I assure you, most of them were not learned in the classroom. So if you get the opportunity to intern, take it. But take it for the right reasons. And use it to learn more about yourself. You never know what you might find.

Best wishes, everyone.